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Face/Fingerprint /card based Attendance System in india, Noida, Manesar

GPRS Web based  Face/Fingerprint /card based Attendance System
Fingerprint device with inbuilt fingerprint scanner and Proximity Card reader. Fingerprint attendance machine Fast TCP/IP network communication as well as popular USB Flash Disk function to download/upload users and attendance logs Fingerprint attendance machine most intelligent fingerprint recognition system. It can automatically update the registered fingerprint template based on the changing patterns of the skin and behavior of finger placement. 


                           Features : -

  •                                               Original Intel 64 Bit RISC CPU
  •                                               Identification Time <=2 sec
  •                                               3,000 Finger Template Storage Capacity
  •                                               1,00000 log storage capacity
  •                                                500 Face capacity
  •                                               122 × 32 Graphic Display LCD (With user ID & Name display on screen)
  •                                                0 Base-T (TCP/IP) for FPSVR(sever program),2 RS-232 and Wiegand,(1 RS-                                                          485optional)-  Intel 32 bit X-scale CPU
  •                                                Voice Greetings 

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 Web based Access Control System

Acess control system developed to manage entrance security, work place time and attendance, over-work time verification and other situation requiring the presence of the authorized personnel. BF-880 supports various I/O protocols.

Features :- 
                ADC  Fingerprint/card based  Singal Door system with scratchless scanner

                With Voice greeting
                User Capacity-3000
                Log Storage Capacity- 100000 
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