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Human Body Temperature Measurement & Fever Detection  



                                                         Human Body Temperature Measurement & Fever Detection System

In order to respond to the epidemic situation we should implement Human Body Temperature Measurement (HBTM) cameras that can detect abnormal body temperatures which is one of the symptoms of pneumonia and other viral diseases. Thermal measurement is a fast and efficient way of detecting those who show no obvious symptoms but have been infected by the epidemic. Unattended terminals can be installed with HBTM cameras to facilitate the temperature detection of passing personnel with the use of facial recognition access control in each entrance and exit terminals. This is an ideal application for Offices, Airports, Train Stations and Subways, Schools, Shopping Centers and Government Buildings.

Human Body Temperature Measurement Bullet Camera                                            Face Recognition Thermometry Camera 


                AT-TD49-C (Download)                                                                                              AT-FRC4 (Download)

Key Features:-                                                                                                       Key Features:- 

  • 384 × 288 high resolution in thermal channel                                                        *  Support contactless temperature measurement 
  • Temperature range: 30°C to 45°C                                                                         *   Support AI face comparison
  • Reliable temperature exception alarm function                                                     *   Support mask recognition function
  • 4MP resolution in optical channel                                                                          *   support SD card storage video
  • IP 66                                                                                                                      *   7-inch LCD display screen
  • WDR(120dB) day/Night ICR
  • CMS 

DISCLAIMER: Axies HBTM products are not medical devices and cannot diagnose corona virus infection. When installed and calibrated correctly, the HBTM products can help identify individuals showing higher than average body temperature. Only a licensed medical professional can determine if an "elevated body temperature" individual is experiencing an abnormal medical condition.

Recommendation to use HBTM products in conjunction with a clinically tested digital thermometer.